Mini White Egg Yolk Separator

Mini White Egg Yolk Separator

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Sometimes we need to separate the yolk from egg white for baking or cooking, but it can be a hard, messy process.  However, with our mini egg yolk separator, this process becomes a snap.  With this gadget you can perfectly separate the white from the yolk every time.

Say bye to cumbersome and messy process of traditional egg white separation. The Non-slip grip rests easily on a bowl or in your hand.  It catches and holds the yolk while you prepare your meal. This must be one of the most useful kitchen gadgets you can have!


- Perfectly separate the white from the yolk.
- Easy to use and easy to clean.
- Simply crack an egg in the separator, the egg white would get through while the yolk stays.
- Great for cake baking and cooking.